St. Gotthard Chapel

St. Gotthard Hospice & the European Heritage Label (IV)


It has been demonstrated that the St. Gotthard Hospice is a special place of encounter and exchange of cultures, ideas and goods. One might even go as far as to suggest that the St. Gotthard Hospice is the most deserving site of this award in Switzerland.

Unfortunately, the EHL cannot demonstrate all these different but equally important aspects of the site. Looking at the official description of the site only few characteristics are deemed important. The famous visitors are certainly of great importance, but in the context of the description they are lacking any wider systematic relation in terms of European history and are rather misused to overwhelm by their sheer number. Weiterlesen…


St. Gotthard Hospice & the European Heritage Label (III)

Advancements and Cross-Culturalism

The EHL honours sites that are significant in terms of cross-cultural exchange and in border-crossing transfer of ideas and values (see Introduction). Now, with the chronological framework of the pass established in the previous chapter, this one will primarily focus on the people, their works of art and impressions as well as their relationship with the Saint-Gotthard Massif in terms of perception and technological advancements, which are crucial aspects of the site.
What was the role of the Saint-Gotthard Massif in the union of Europe? How is the Gotthard region a landscape of a collective memory of manifested interactions of people from all over the world? To what extent are wider European events and movements reflected in the Gotthard region? Weiterlesen…

St. Gotthard Hospice

St. Gotthard Hospice & the European Heritage Label (II)


The St. Gotthard Hospice is not simply a succession of structures, it represents all the events that occurred in its vicinity, namely on the Gotthard Pass, and more widely speaking, in the Saint-Gotthard Massif. It has had many impacts on regional, national and international levels. Weiterlesen…